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15 August 2019 

'South Korea-UK nuclear decommissioning technology exchange and overseas expansion promotion workshop' was held in Ulsan.

The workshop was held in Ulsan to promote nuclear decommissioning technology development and collaboration with overseas companies. On the 13th, domestic and overseas nuclear decommissioning experts and officials attended the “South Korea-UK nuclear decommissioning technology exchange and overseas expansion promotion workshop” to provide opportunities for technology exchange. 

With 25 reactors producing a third of electricity, South Korea has long been a leader in nuclear energy. But with its first commercial reactor – Kori-1 – shutting down in 2017, South Korea is preparing to enter a new era of nuclear decommissioning.

With a wealth of decommissioning experience at home, the UK has the opportunity to support South Korea with its decommissioning and international new-build programmes. South Korea-UK collaboration could be crucial to helping South Korea achieve its decommissioning goals in a safe and economic manner.

Nuclear AMRC led the UK delegation of nuclear suppliers to meet key organisations in the South Korean decommissioning sector. The UK delegates met with South Korean government officials and representatives from key nuclear companies such as Kepco and KHNP, and visit the Kori 1 plant.

“The UK is the world's first to build and operate nuclear power plants, but it has stopped operating more than 30 nuclear power plants, and many of them have been decommissioned or are in progress,” said Lee Jounghwan, Executive Director of AMRC Korea. "Looking forward to maintaining close collaborative relationships and to creating synergy through collaboration."

Professor Neil Hyatt, Materials Science and Engineering at University of Sheffield, explained the current status of radioactive waste management research.

“Nuclear decommissioning is a time-consuming and costly work, and the UK is currently supporting a lot of basic research to develop new technologies. "University of Sheffield are working on projects related to general decommissioning."

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