As part of the Ulsan National Innovation Cluster Support Project, the Technology Collaboration Platform supports Korean companies' technology development capabilities and domestic and global networks. Through this, we not only establish domestic networks, but also establish global networks and technology development collaboration system.

Technology Collaboration Platform, which consists of buyers and suppliers in various industrial sectors, seeks to build business to expand the industrial area, focusing on major industries such as shipbuilding/marine, automotive, chemical/material, and energy.

Build and operate global collaboration platform

Form a committee to establish the industrial city network for discovering global buyers, thereby discovering demand for technology collaboration and building network collaboration channel with demand areas.

 Establish a network platform between domestic and foreign companies by utilising AMRC's domestic and overseas global networks

 Support networks between AMRC global members and Ulsan companies

 Host global collaboration events such as conferences and seminars related to representative industries by inviting foreign experts to join the global value chain of local industries 

Construct global network

 (Discover excellent overseas partner organisations) Discover demand for regional technology collaboration, establish collaboration network, and construct a foundation for entering the market

 (Construct global platform) Construct domestic and overseas global network platform

 (Prepare networking system) Exchange promising and excellent technologies for major commercialisation of overseas clusters

Details of support

 Discover the target bases, institutions, and companies for collaboration, and expand opportunities to enter overseas markets and to collaborate through local innovation support and collaboration with overseas hub organisations by investigating and analysing the same/similar bases (cluster) as the cluster sector

 Discover the demand for technology collaboration through AMRC and global technology collaboration network and establish collaboration channels with demand areas

 Establish collaboration channels through global industrial city matching, using the network

 Support policies by local/government and R&D collaboration through the inter-city network

Support objective

Establish the global collaboration system through innovation-based advancement such as demonstration-based to lead the global market in the new industry and to successfully enter the global market

Establish global demand-based innovative technology product development system through Technology Collaboration Platform


 Develop technologies and create new supply-demand business by establishing networks among Ulsan companies

 Support overseas expansion by constructing networks between Ulsan and global companies

 Discover commercial technology items of Ulsan companies

 Collaborate with Ulsan ICT manufacturing industry support committee: Enhance technology and commercialisation capabilities

 Develop Ulsan manufacturers and revitalise Ulsan manufacturing industry

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